"El Pertenecer en Tiempos Modernos"  (Belongning in Modern Times)

We live in a society that strives for “likes.” Every second 1000 selfies are being posted online. Social media has changed our society and is shaping us as individuals.
In this series I show my vision on how we manipulate what we project about ourselves in social networks to try to assimilate to a culture, loosing individuality and originality and, using social media as a venue to the sense of belongingness.
The photographs were manually sliced into strips of equal size that simulate having been cut by a paper shredder machine. The images were reconstructed with a phase shift that creates an alteration in the image. The process of paper shredders refers to the mechanization and destruction in pieces of a whole, a process that is assimilated to the idea of belonging when trying to fit, the distortion of reality and what is shown in social media, who belong and who does not.

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