Opening Somos Millones at Foto Relevance

Somos Millones, a solo exhibition of works by Karen Navarro, will be on view at Foto Relevance from January 13 through February 25, 2023. Somos Millones (we are millions) is a visual expression of identity through the artist’s uniquely deconstructed and reconstructed portraits of first, second and third generation American immigrants. Navarro’s mixed-media works investigate a sense of belonging as influenced by race, migration, and the artist’s own indigenous identity. By exploring her ancestral culture, and her experience as an American immigrant, she creates connections between a vast constellation of identities in the present time — connections which reinforce a vision of a more just future. Navarro utilizes crowdsourced skin tones, data, and language to craft deeply resonant portraits and experiential installations, inviting the viewer to see the world through her gaze. More info here.

#MyAncestors Somos Millones is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance” 

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